Our market place
HAPPY-GOAT-LUCKY has the filling quality of performance down coats and elegant fashionable appeal. Our line was created for men and women who look for urban flair and sophistication, without sacrificing comfort and quality. The women’s line is feminine, minimalistic, and chic, and can be paired with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses. Our men’s jackets put a fresh twist on old classics, making them playful and attractive.
Our target market is premium specialty stores in metropolitan areas, ski destinations, and fashionable suburban locales.

Our operation and team
Our creative director and design team in New York are well integrated with our sourcing and production team abroad. We have a excellent partnership with an outerwear manufacturer, specializing in high end fashion and performance down products. Such vertical integration gives us the industry know how and a competitive edge in quality and price.

Our Feature Highlights


FP Down
Love Your Back!
We’ve Got
The Collar!
W/R & W/P

• 650 FP DOWN: The FP (Fill Power) is an indicator warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility. The average fashion brand using down has a filling power of 500 or less. Happy Goat Lucky uses 650 FP down, which is considered appropriate for performance outerwear. Simply put, you are getting performance quality down in a fashion product, at a fraction of the price!
• Love Your Back: We believe a beautiful back is the key to a sexy, winter look for women. Our streamlined back is a signature feature that sets us apart from those who do not have the expertise in fashion down jackets. You don’t have to look lumpy and frumpy in your down jacket anymore! Our tailored backs give you a more slender, sexy shape without the gym workout!
We’ve Got the Collar: Stop losing your scarves! The collars of our coats have a function that is twofold; they create a bold, beautiful, sleek neckline, which provides sufficient warmth, and eliminates the need for a scarf on chilly days.
• W/R & W/P: Our coats are made of water resistant and water repelling shell fabric. Keep you dry on rainy days!


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